Prince 12-inch singles 4 (Batman – Graffiti Bridge)





Taken From Batman (1989)


USA, 0-21257

* Additional Pruduction and Remix by Mark Moore and William Orbit.



USA, 0-21370

    • A1. Partyman (The Purple Party Mix) (6:02)*
    • A2. Partyman (Partyman Music Mix) (4:31)*
    • B1. Partyman (The Video Mix) (6:20)*
    • B2. Feel U Up (Short Stroke) (3:44) → The Hits/The B-Sides収録

* Remixed by Prince and Femi Jiya 4 Paisley Park Productions.


UK, W2814T

  • A. Partyman (Video Mix)
  • B. Feel U Up (Long Stroke)

こちらはUK盤。リミックスが少ない代わりに、アルバム未収録曲であるFeel U UpのLongバージョンが収められています。USA盤と両方買ってくれということでしょうか(笑)

The Arms Of Orion

UK, W2757T


The Scandalous Sex Suite

USA, 0-21422

    • A1. The Crime (6:24)*
    • A2. The Passion (6:17)*
    • A3. The Rapture (6:39)*
    • B1. Sex (the 80’s are over and the time has come 4 monogamy and trust)(7:02)
    • B2. When 2 R In Love (4:02)

* Additional Dialogue and Production by Kim Basinger. Remixed by Paisley Park.


The Future

Germany, 7599-21570-0

    • A. The Future (Remix) (6:39)*
    • B. Electric Chair (Remix) (5:36)*

* Remixed by Mark Moore and William Orbit at Guerilla Studios, London.

ドイツ盤のみに収録されたThe FutureとElectric ChairのRemix。

Taken From Graffiti Bridge (1990)

Thieves In The Temple

USA, 0-21598

    • A. Thieves In The Temple (Remix) (8:03)*1Ultimate Prince収録
    • B1. Thieves In The House Mix (6:50)*2
    • B2. Temple House Dub (5:06)*2

*1 Remixed by Paisley Park. Additional Background Voices: The Steeles. *2 Post Production and Remix by Junior Vasquez. Engineer/Programmer Mark Plati.

New Power Generation

USA, 0-21783

    • A1. N.P.G. (Funky Weapon Remix) (5:01)
    • A2. T.C.’s Rap (featuring T.C. Ellis) (3:11)*1
    • A3. Brother With A Purpose (featuring Tony Mosley) (4:18)*2
    • B1. Get Off (4:41)
    • B2. The Lubricated Lady (2:39)
    • B3. Loveleft, Loveright (5:00)

*1 Composed by Prince with T.C. Ellis. *2 Composed by Prince with Tony Mosley. * This recital was remixed in all of 5 days and nights at Larrabee Studios in Los Angels, California in October 1900 by Prince, Michael Koppelman and Sylvia Massy. Mastered at Precision Disc Mastering by Stephen Marcussen and Michael Koppelman.

B1はDiamonds and Pearlsに収められたGett Offの原型のような曲です。